Bring happiness for your child
the Caregivers other than parents
Bring happiness for your child
the Caregivers other than parents

Why Nest2Flyy ?


We at Nest2Flyy encourage activity-based learning where children are exposed to distinguish the kinds of learning as Active listening and Critical thinking, which enhances the vocabulary, writing and learning skills which in turn contributes to increase in health and wellness of the child.

The purpose that inspired us to start Nest2Flyy is to support Parents, families, and community through providing the strong foundation for every child in every possible manner to learn and develop Social, physical, emotional skills and values to live their best lives and stand strong as the best version of the future generation to bring the best change that they can give to the society and make this world the better place to live.

The Driving Principle:
Empowering your children in being CHAMPS:

C- Curios – Creates curiosity while performing the activities in the Lab

H – Happy – Keeps them happy while their curiosity is addressed

A – Active – Keeps them active throughout the sessions

M – Mindful – Trained to be alert holistically

P – Personality – Overall development & growth of the Child

S – Socialize – Peer Learning through collaboration

It is an effort in a direction that would create change through education, attitude towards Children, understanding the child’s growth and overall development, the way we perceive and evaluate child’s learning abilities, provide equal opportunities for every child, The way we partner with children, teachers and parents to better understand children and their ‘growing up’ needs.

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Our goal is to put purpose back into the work that we do. There’s an accountability that moves through the work that we do with school districts, but it is not disconnected from purpose.

Best Environment

A positive school environment is defined as a school having appropriate facilities, well-managed classrooms, available school-based health supports, and a clear, fair disciplinary policy.

Skilled Teachers

Teachers who are skilled at communication, appropriate discipline techniques and classroom management, create a positive learning environment for young learners.

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